Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moving Towards Simplicity

I'm on a mission to simplify my entire life as much as humanly possible. I'm decluttering with abandon and deep cleaning as I have time and you know what? It feels good! 

I'm leaning towards a minimalistic lifestyle, though not as extreme as some. The thought of owning less to have more joy, peace, and experiences feels like freedom to me. 

I intend to work only as long as I have to in order to pay off a few bills to lighten our monthly obligations before returning to my place as home-keeper. I'd much rather work for the good of my own family and on my terms than outside employment. 


chateau chic said...

These are great goals and priorities. I hope you'll soon be able to be the full-time homemaker you desire.
Mary Alice

Cheapchick said...

You have a lovely home - but less stuff means a simpler life for sure. Good luck in paying it down - there is an end to it!