Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Frugal Doings

All meals were cooked at home.

Clipped coupons.

Sold 3 books on Amazon.com to be mailed today. 

Spending only on necessities. No extras.

Downloaded a couple free books to my Amazon Cloud Reader for PC.

Took library books back before they were due.

Spent $108 on groceries. Saved $45.

Have earned $0.85 in fuel perks.

Still saving change though I haven't added it to the jar yet.

Enjoyed lunch out with Alfred's aunt....her treat!

What frugal things are you doing?


Chy said...

Meal planning for the rest of this month.

Grocery shopping at the big discount store instead of our small store closer to our house (difference of 4 minutes travel time).

Filling up with gas at the same big discount store that also has gas .04 cents cheaper than the regular gas stations.

Light watering of our plans & grass as we're getting a lot of rain right now ~ free water!!

Planting our own herb & veggie patch on the weekend. And dh is making the raised garden boxes out of the leftover cedar planks from the construction of our new deck last summer. I already have the seeds, a friend has given me some planting & we have one more bag of dirt left. I need to buy a bag of organic topsoil for $8. Cheap garden plot!

That's all for this week.

Precious said...

Tracy, what a great list. I so love getting books on my Kindle. Here is my list this week: