Monday, April 08, 2013

Frugal Doings April 1st-7th

Monday - Made sure to turn off the computer and printer at night before going to bed in hopes of bringing the electricity bill down. *

Only ran the air conditioning at night. 

Ate Easter dinner leftovers for lunch and dinner.

Started tracking our spending for the month. *

Reused four old spiral notebooks instead of buying new ones.

Tuesday - Dinner tonight will be ribs cooked in the crockpot with Carolina Honey barbeque sauce friends made and gave to us, homemade coleslaw with cornbread. 

Froze the remaining cabbage and carrots for later use. 

Turned off all fans in my bedroom (there are three!) and unplugged my cell phone charger from the wall. *

Only turned the printer on when I needed it. *

Made Alfred's lunch when he came home at noon. *

Opened windows and the back door during the day. It's beautiful outside!

Spent $2 on laundry soap at the dollar store. Used half the amount recommended. 

Added a night light to the open office/dining room area so we could turn the lamp off in the office at night. *

Wednesday - Changed the central heat and air filter.

Made beef tips with noodles and gravy for dinner.

Made Alfred's lunch when he came home at noon. 

Didn't have to run the air conditioning tonight as it was cool enough in the house.

Thursday - Renewed a library book online.

Paid bills online rather than using gas or stamps in the mail.

Saved 25 cents on gas with Fuel Perks rewards. Paid $3.26/gallon.

Filled three washed out soda bottles with water.

Alfred had a doctor appointment. He couldn't move his left leg without severe pain in his left hip. He is still covered by Tricare until next month so we didn't have a co-pay and the 4 prescriptions he had filled were only $30, saving us several hundred dollars!

Put back a few canned and non-perishable food items away from my pantry. If it's in there, the kids will eat it! :)

Purchased water purification tablets online. 50 tablets for $5.99

Alfred and I had a late lunch out for under $6 and we were both stuffed. I even skipped dinner!

I did have to turn the air on before bed but once the house cooled down it didn't kick back on.

Friday - It was Alfred's birthday. I made him a chocolate cake.

His gifts were a Guy Harvey tee in lime green and kerosene lantern with kerosene, extra wicks, and waterproof matches (this will be greatly appreciated during hurricane season if the power goes out and is part of our emergency preps).

Ordered in pizza. Our next pizza will be free!

Had a few friends over to play pool.

Had to turn on the heat before bed. Crazy weather!

Saturday - Not much to report here as I was gone most of the day. Spent $6.50 on lunch for oldest daughter and myself.

Made pancakes for breakfast.

A friend came over to visit and shoot several games of pool.

Had to turn on the air before bed, but it didn't come on once the house was cool.

Sunday -  Cut Alfred's hair.

Bought groceries - saved $23.38 by using my rewards card & a $5 off $55 Q. Earned 10 cents off per gallon in fuel perks (up to 15 cents now).

Filled 3 bottles with water. 


Susan in SC said...

Sounds like a really good frugal week. I know what you mean by hiding food from the kids! So funny (and aggravating!)

Kathy in Illinois said...

These are all very good ways to save money, Tracy! I'm glad you list your frugal doings as it encourages others. I don't have to hide goodies from my kids, as they are grown and gone, but I do need to hide them from myself, and that is a hard thing to do !!! Good luck being frugal.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Rosebud said...

When I come home from shopping I have to stash things away as well. If I don't everything will be opened and gone the first few days.
We bought a few of those energy saving strip plugs which automatically turns off appliances when there not in use. We haven't had them long enough to see if we are saving any money yet.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I was reading about "hidden" electricity uses and was shocked. EVERYTHING is drawing power if it's turned on. The coffee pot (clock), printers, phone chargers, gaming consoles (even if they are turned off)
I unplugged everything except the alarm clock one night but then it took forever the next morning to plug it all back in lol