Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Yard Work

Yesterday it was fairly warm so I decided it was time to work in the yard. In the Winter months I avoid doing anything outdoorsy because I hate the cold. Needless to say the yard is in great need of TLC, but I made a great start.

Those green shoots are daylilies which has multiplied like crazy! This bed still needs lots of work...

I picked up a million limbs, weeded a little in the flower beds, swept and tidied the carport, tidied up the porch area, and finally mowed. For two glorious hours I soaked up the sun and breathed the fresh air.

I have a lot of projects I would like to tackle as finances allows, but for now I'm focusing on cleaning everything up. I still have the back yard to tackle. Hoping for more nice days soon so I can spend more time outdoors!


Rhonda said...

Hi Tracy, not quite warm enough for yard work here but I did see some of our bulbs are sprouting and blooms can't be far behind.
Have fun with your gardening, I always like reading your updates

ociana said...

We are expecting more snow tonight. We had a few spring-like days, so I know it is coming. Not soon enough for me.

Your place looks nice and tidy.

Melanie said...

I can't wait to get out in my yard and start cleaning up all the winter "gunk" and seeing green shoots coming out of the ground. We're probably about 2 months behind you though. I'm sitting here watching the snow come down like gangbusters!

Robyn said...

Yep, same here.. There is SO much work to be done outside but its still a bit too chilly out there yet.. But oh my gosh there are weeds everywhere.. Like you our finances aren't going to allow for what I'd really like to do so I am goin to focus on massive clean up once the weather turns..

Loui♥ said...

check Craig's list in your area for FREE Plants>
Perennials (Iris,etc).
Many folks have so many they just ask you to dig for yourself.
Your front flowerbed would look nice..
fill with Azaleas,Gardenias, Hydraengas..
all Perennials..
Plant seasonal annuals in the blank spots for color..
(most annuals can be started from seeds..
ie marigolds, Zinnias, Coleus)..
If I lived closer,I'd come by..
and give you a hand..
enjoy the spring weather..
pretty soon summer will be here with a vengance!
hugs Loui♥

Tracy said...

Loui - thanks for the tip! I never thought to check Craigslist for garden flowers. :)