Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ten Free-ish Things That Make Me Happy

I got the idea for this post from Cash-Only Living. Check out her blog to read her list, too! :) 

1. Reading good books from the library.

2. Inexpensive scented candles

3. Decluttering and reorganizing...

4. Working in the yard enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!

5. Bird watching (and sometimes rescuing!)

6. Flowers...

7. Learning to play pool.

8. Going to the beach.

9. Chocolate!

10. Listening to and singing along with music I love!

What free-ish things do you enjoy?


Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

Love this and am going to do this too!

Rhonda said...

Hi Tracy
Good list!
I rarely buy magazines as I get so many great and free ideas from blogs.
Digital photo taking almost seems free compared to the old days of film and developing.

Tracy said...

Rhonda, I rarely buy magazines anymore myself. I do buy AllYou for the coupons & I like it. I get a few free magazines too earned through

And I agree about the digital photos! Another plus is you don't have to wait to get them developed! :)

Tracy said...

Cottage Sweet Cottage - let me know when it's up! I'd love to read your list. :)

Laura said...

Thank you for inviting me for a visit! I love your blog, and I'm adding it to my favorites so I can check back. :) Gardening is one of my favorite free-ish things - I love being out in the dirt and also growing some of our groceries. It's a nice bonding time with my daughter, too.

Precious said...

I love almost all of the things that you do especially the chocolate!

Sandy said...

Love your list! I can say ditto to everything! I've missed reading your blog so I'm here to catch-up. The little rescued bird is precious. Love the beach. Hubby and I are headed to St. Augustine next week for my niece's wedding on the beach.