Friday, March 01, 2013

My Favorite Frugal Blogs

A reader asked me what my favorite frugal blogs are, so I thought I would share the list with the rest of you. Here they are:

Precious at Frugal Makes Cents

Rhonda at Down to Earth

Terri at Blue House Journal

Froogs at Frugal Queen

Elaine at Sunny Simple Life

Manuela at A Cultivated Nest

Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker

Ruth at Living Well, Spending Less

Andrea at Frugally Sustainable

Rhonda at Make, Do and Mend

Cheapchick at Living Rich On the Cheap

Kristl at The Budget Diet

Martha at The Path to Frugality

Saving the Big Money

Cash Only Living

Please feel free to share any favorites you have that are not on my list in the comments section! I'm always looking for good frugal blogs.


Rosebud said...

Thanks for the list Tracy. I'm always on the look~out for frugal ideas.

a8383 said...

Thank you Tracy, A few new ones to me- we can all use all the encouragement we can get! How are things in Ala? I am soooo tired of these gray gloomy days over here in GA! Angela

Lisa said...

Thanks for putting together a helpful list. You have a beautiful blog by the way.

Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

Yay! That was me! I read some of these and are gonna check out the ones I haven't seen yet!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Wow! Thank you so much for including me in that list!!

There are a couple of blogs I'm not familiar with so I will be checking them out!

Cheapchick said...

You sweet woman! Thank you for the shout out!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I visit some of these regularly... Sunny Simple Life, A Cultivated Nest and Frugal Makes Cents are some favorites.

I also enjoy
and YOUR BLOG! :)

I'm going to check out some of your links...
have a great weekend.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Thanks so much for sharing these links. I have checked some out and they look like they will be very encouraging and help support a more fugal lifestyle.
Lisa :O)

Renee W said...

Thank you for posting these! Ever since I started mine I have been kind of obsessed with looking at other peoples frugal ideas!

a8383 said...

Renee, What is your blog?

Sandy said...

I love Manuela at a cultivated nest! I'll have to check out the rest.