Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Frugal Doings

Added $6.27 in change to the jar.

Got our last phone bill from T-Mobile and it was extremely high. Hubby called and discovered they had charged us a cancellation fee for his phone to the tune of $200. While he was deployed his line was suspended, though we still had to pay $5/month for it, but they failed to tell us it would extend the contract on his line. So they adjusted the bill and we saved $219.

Grew green onions in the kitchen window sill.

Used a $5 off/$25 Q. to buy needed baby items for a baby shower.

Purchased goodies for Easter baskets a little each week for the girls.

Ran over a nail causing my car tire to go flat. Luckily, my husband was able to repair it (he is a mechanic). Cost to us, zero.

Ate all meals at home.

Through Groupon, took advantage of the Starbucks deal $10 coupon for $5. I love their hot cocoa!

 Clipped coupons from AllYou magazine.

Earned Swagbucks through answering the daily poll, entering codes, and internet searches. I save them up to buy gift cards through Amazon.

What frugal things did you do this week?


Rhonda said...

You did good Tracy. My tires were beyond repair and we had to 4 new ones (18 inch ones). Hubby checked around with venders he uses at work and thankfully one place sold us a set for less than half what I expected them to be.

At my favorite thrift store, I got a stack of spring clothing for the 5 grands. Most pieces are like new and were 50 or 75 cents each.
I also got 4 natural baskets to fix up for their Easter baskets for 50 cents total.
My other frugal doing is not drinking diet dr pepper this week, but I sure do miss it :(

Cheapchick said...

If you play 20 games per day you get 10 swagbucks (2 per every 2 games played) now - I usually start a game and walk away to do a chore just fyi! Cheers!

Tracy said...

Cheapchick - thanks for the tip!

Rhonda - I went to the thrift store, too. I bought 3 pairs of shorts and 5 tank tops for less than $26...far less than I would've paid in stores.

Glad your husband was able to find tires at a better-than-expected price. They are not cheap!

Laura said...

I made the frugal-est Easter basket for this year. We have one for the entire family, and have always done it that way (but there is just one child, so that works out.) The basket is one I had on hand, and the grass and eggs get used year to year. I got her favorite jellybeans free with a gift card, and got some Snickers eggs free w/coupons. M&M's were $1.35 a bag with a sale/coupon combo, and have already gone to work with Hubby several times in his lunches - just part of them went into Easter eggs. I got a pack of peeps for $1.12, a chocolate bunny pop for .25 on markdown and a baseball glove that's like new at Goodwill for 75 cents. I also tucked in one of those shaped washcloths that just turn into a washcloth when you get them wet. My cousin gave me about a dozen of those when she was born - now she's 7 and I think this might be the last one, lol. So the basket, which is a lot, cost less than $5. I can't post this on my own blog (not in detail) because she might see it! :)

-Laura at TenThingsFarm

Tracy said...

Laura - your Easter basket sounds impressive!!