Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Frugal Doings

The weather has been mostly beautiful here. Warm days mean I can leave the windows open. Only run the air conditioning at night when we go to bed.

Started cleaning up the yard. There were a million limbs and twigs to pick up. I used a tarp to load them all up on and then drag them out to the road to dump for pickup. Did the same with grass clippings I raked up after I mowed. 

Planted two pots of flowers in pots I already had on hand.

Added $1.50 in change to the jar. Would've been $4.50 but the vacuum wouldn't take any of my dollar bills when I went to clean out my car so I had to resort to my change. 

Printed a coupon for a FREE Krispy Creme doughnut of my choice.

Received 3 free magazines in the mail.

Downloaded four free e-books on Amazon. One was about herbal remedies, the other three were about prepping for emergencies.

Clipped Gracie's (dog) nails rather than paying the vet to do it. 

Hubby cooked enough sausage and hamburgers on the grill Sunday to last for three lunches and two dinners. I'll freeze the leftovers.

Gave myself a pedicure with raspberry colored polish.

Continue with the usual:
* Keep anything using electricity off when not in use.
* Wash full loads of laundry
* Fill up dog's water bowl with the water I'm waiting to heat up in the sink or use to water flowers.
* Limit shower times to 15 minutes or less.

What frugal things have you done this week?


Laura said...

My list goes up on my blog on Thursday, and it'll be a long one! You did a great job this week! It always amazes me that we all have such varied methods for saving a little here and there. :)

-Laura at TenThingsFarm

Tracy said...

Laura, I enjoy reading every one's else frugal doings. I always learn something new! :)

jill klase said...

Wow, love your blog, visiting from Rhonda's. I use to mow my mom's yard, and learned that if you leave (looks messy) the grass clippings on the grass you really do not need to use fertilizer. I would water the grass by hand after mowing, to get the clippings down deep, and the grass was always green. I have asthma so fertilizer was out.

Love this list of frugal things.
ps. I wish we could use our A/C. I am a bit tired of all this cold weather. Please send heat this way;-)

Precious said...

I am so jealous that it is warm enough to clean up your yard.We are still freezing here. So hopefully I can get out there like you. You have done great with your savings. My frugal things are here:


Maria said...

Great savings. So looking to being able to get outside and work in my yard. It is still so cold here.