Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frugal Doings

Received a Nature Made Vita Melt Energy B-12 sample with a $1 Q.

Received a L'oreal shampoo and conditioner samples with Q's.

Chopped bell peppers and and green onions to put in freezer for future use.

Gave Gracie a bath outside Sunday while it was a warm 74 degrees. She's about 100 pounds and getting older so this is easier on her (and my back) than trying to get her into the tub.

Took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill to donate.

Added $0.35 in change to the jar.

Saved 50 cents/gallon of gasoline with my fuel perks which brought the price down from $3.65 to $3.15/gallon. Of course the next day, gas prices drop to $3.59/gallon...

Earned two more $5 Amazon gift cards from SwagBucks. I plan to save those for Christmas shopping.

Clipped & filed coupons from AllYou magazine.

Shopped around to see in we could get lower rates on car insurance. USAA has the lowest price for us with husband being military.

Started keeping a notebook of frugal ideas that I find on the internet. Not only does writing it down help me to remember those things, but I can go back & reread them from time to time as well.

What frugal things have you done this week?


Cheapchick said...

I save my Swagbuck GCs for Christmas too. Did you know they now give bucks for playing games? 2 bucks given every other day-max 10 bucks per day. Every month I try and buy one or two pantry items to stock up on- I bought 22 lbs of flour this week on sale and some dried navy beans. Dried beans is a new adventure in trying to keep on my grocery budget. Cheers!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I'm going back to journaling or notebooking, for the simple fact like helps me retain it better and the other thing...if there comes a time the power or internet aren't available...I'll have a quick reference. (not a dooms day prepper, but a prepper for sure!)
Don't remember, but do you live on base? We travel to the V.A.Hosp. in Temple, TX near Killeen and It seems like the gas prices are always slightly cheaper near there. Do you think that is because of the military community or maybe it's just Central Texas! I will say, the next day coming home, the gas prices were about .06 to .10 cents cheaper a gallon. Like you, I try to save in that area.
I earned a couple of swag buck cards for amazon and this week coming back from V.A.hosp. Stopped at Tractor Supply to use a gift card there that we already had.
Bought 2 apple trees, 2 grape vines, 6 baby chicks! (layers)
...chick feed and a rain gauge!

Love reading what you're doing!

Tracy said...

Cheapchick - I did not know that! Thanks for the tip! I, too, have been trying to stock up. Still a work in progress. :)

Pat - we do not live on base. My husband is National Guard but the gas prices are cheaper on base here as well. Sounds likje you made good use of the gift card! :)

Precious said...

Very nice job on your saving Tracy. I too journal so that I can reread ideas.

Sandy said...

Bought the outfit for the wedding I'm attending on sale. Clipping coupons. Doing my best to stay our of stores. Created a beautiful dresser for my living room. It was free so I painted, distressed and antiqued it. Already had the mirror that I put on top from a garage sale a couple of years ago, paid $10.00 (the owner said she originally paid $150.00 for it new) So a beautiful addition to living room.