Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frugal Doings

Received a free sample of Purina Cat Chow, Propel Zero, and Centrum Chewable vitamins in the mail along with coupons.

Cut hubby's hair.

Washed my own car instead of running it through a car wash.

Added $2.14  in change to change jar.

Filed our taxes. We are receiving refunds from both Federal and State!

Tracked spending for one month.

Am on week 4 of the 52 Week Money Challenge, so I have $10 saved so far.

Only ran the air conditioning at night and opened the windows during the day.

Kept lights & electronics off when not in use & reminded the kids to do likewise.

Kids get 15 minutes in the shower.

Borrowed a book from the library.

What frugal things have you done this week?


Robyn said...

Well I didn't go anywhere unless I had no choice so I saved on gas. I've also been trying to cook meals in big portions so I can then freeze an have more meals that I don't have to cook or by ingredients for. I sat down and did our budget for Feb which isn't looking for well. Problem is we have 7 dogs, all who are old an all who have health issues. As I tracked my spending last month for the first time I see that most of my food bills are for the dogs! but there is no way to change that. I am trying to cut as many corners as I can but Im running out of corners :(.. How do you get the free samples an things in the mail?

Tracy said...

I get most of them through a freebie newsletter that comes to my email inbox. I can't think of the name off hand but will post the name when I get another one!

Tracy said...

Robyn, try They have a FB page too. :)