Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frugal Doings

I added $4.45 to the change jar.

I tracked our spending for the third week in January.

Milk was on sale for $3.00 per gallon! Saved 85 cents/gallon.

Grew more green onions in the kitchen window.

Kept lights & electronics turned off when not in use.

Reduced the amount of clothes detergent when washing clothes and run it on the shortest cycle - 6 minutes. Always wash full loads.

Received a free sample of Airborne in the mail.

A friend gave us a bottle of generic tylenol and also a bottle of CK One cologne for hubby.

Had dinner with friends one night at their house.

Found the keys to hubby's truck! That alone saved us at least $80.

What frugal things have you done this week?

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