Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frugal Doings

I added $4.45 to the change jar.

I tracked our spending for the third week in January.

Milk was on sale for $3.00 per gallon! Saved 85 cents/gallon.

Grew more green onions in the kitchen window.

Kept lights & electronics turned off when not in use.

Reduced the amount of clothes detergent when washing clothes and run it on the shortest cycle - 6 minutes. Always wash full loads.

Received a free sample of Airborne in the mail.

A friend gave us a bottle of generic tylenol and also a bottle of CK One cologne for hubby.

Had dinner with friends one night at their house.

Found the keys to hubby's truck! That alone saved us at least $80.

What frugal things have you done this week?


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I just posted about our up-coming No SPEND month coming in February--
wanted to do it in January...but didn't work out for us.
What frugal things have I done?
With the cold weather and the wood burning stove going ALL.THE.TIME.--I've been cooking on there and saving propane! We've eaten soups, dumplins, and 1 pot meals...and have eaten leftovers!
I like reading posts like this and seeing how others are managing our budgets (when the Govt. can't)


Christine said...

What a delightful blog.
Refreshing and very helpful.

for the past few years we have taken the No Spend month in January. Like Corn in My Coffee, I wanted to do it in January but it didn't work out. Humm, Feb. looks good and it's short!
But I think I'll try the month of July.

Echoes From the Hill said...

I've also been on a "no spend" budget since late December. I ended it yesterday, but spent, to save.
A grocery chain had some great sales, so I stocked up on Kleenex, chili beans, tomato sauce, pasta and a few other things. Got bone-in chicken breasts for 99 cents a pound and my husband de-boned them, and removed the skin. Much cheaper than buying boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I saved 62 per cent on my purchases. I am filling my pantry when staples go on sale for a good price. With the sale and four coupons, doubled, I got Kleenex for 66 cents (184 count) instead of $1.99, which is the regular price.
I think many of us are worried about the economy, and are living as frugally as we can.

Karla Neese said...

I used to be so frugal and then I started working full time and the longer I've worked full time the worse I've gotten and the farther from frugal.

BUT this year I've been inspired because of several blog "friends" who are doing frugal challenges.

So far, I signed up for a Shell Fuel Rewards card. I have my Homeland Grocery store card linked to it. When I get points for the few purchases they get put toward savings for gas. This weekend I saved 15 cents per gallon.

That's one savings! It's a start.

Sandcastle Momma said...

You always make being frugal sound fun! We had to spend a pretty penny on cleaning products because of the norovirus so there was no savings at my house this week. But it was money well spent - I don't ever want that bug again!

Robyn said...

Hi there! I am a new reader and follower of your blog. I am so enjoying all of your posts and looking forward to more.. I am trying to learn how to be more frugal as my husband and I live on a fixed income and your blog is an inspiration to me..
Robyn :)

Precious said...


I love reading your frugal savings. Thanks for sharing.