Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Frugal Doings

Added $2.02 to the change jar.

Restarted some green onions. Place the white ends that you do not use in a cup of water in the window sill and they grow like crazy! You can see noticeable growth each day.

Spent $87 on groceries this week, where I normally spend $100...a $13 savings.

I am tracking my spending. Just finished week 2 for January.

Had two no-spend days this week.

I was creative with meals and we used up leftovers.

Made a big salad but didn't have any bacon bits. I cooked a couple pieces of bacon in the microwave and cut it up in little pieces and added crushed tortilla chips as well to it. It was delicious!

I limit the children's showers to 15 minutes. If the girls have to shave, they turn the water off while doing so & then turn it back on to rinse.

Remind everyone to keep lights and electronics off when not in use.

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Sandy said...

Well, you're doing a lot better than I am! Just had my last hurrah for spending since I retired. Bought some things to update the nest since I'll be home all year every day to enjoy it. Now I'll really have to adopt frugal living! Staying out of the stores is the first step, but I do enjoy some of the consignment shops.