Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013 Money Saving Challenge

I will be joining Frugal Makes Cents for the 2013 Money Saving Challenge. 

The reality is work has slowed considerably at the car dealership my husband works. Plus with the 2% tax hike? I am now looking for full-time employment. 

However, I plan to save as much money as I can this year by doing the following:

~ Makes as many household cleaners as possible.
~ Make as much as I can from scratch.
~ Try to grow some of our food this spring.
~ Stay out of the stores!
~ Buy secondhand for household and clothing needs.
~ Cut my family's hair myself.
~ Cut cable tv.
~ In February, when our contract is up, cut mine & the girls' cell phones and get the pay as you go kind.
~ Give handmade gifts for birthdays & Christmas.
~ Carefully plan our budget every month.
~ Track our spending so we know exactly where our money is going.
~ Reduce, reuse, recycle anything and everything we possibly can.
~ Borrow books & movies from the library.
~ Make use of our zoo membership (purchased at half-price), free community events, and the beach for outings/entertainment.
~ Save all change, including pennies found while out & about. Hey, it's free money! :)

Times are challenging, but I intend to make the very most of what we have whether it be little or much.


Rowan said...

What a really positive way to meet what are challenging times for you. Much better to have a plan of campaign than just muddling along. Good luck!

Mrs R said...

Excellent suggestions to save money. We got rid of our cable/satellite about six months ago and are so happy we did. You can watch almost everything online for free.

Cheapchick said...

Excellent start to the year - great ideas. One of the best things we ever bought several years ago was a year long family park pass. We lived by several National Parks and used it year round. I wish we had a zoo closer to us.

Sandy said...

Staying out of the stores is a good one! Great suggestions.