Thursday, December 27, 2012

Watching My Pennies

Today was pay day which means grocery shopping. I made out a weekly menu after searching the pantry and freezer for food I already had on hand. 

Meals this week will be: 
~ Po' Boys
~ Pork chops, cornbread dressing, green beans
~ Pizza rolls
~ Beef tips/gravy, fried diced potatoes with onions, corn
~ Hamb/Turkey burgers with homemade fries
~ BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
~ Meatloaf, Mac & cheese, green beans

I did a bit of stocking up on the basics: oil, frozen veggies, sugar, rice, salt, and meat that was BIGIF. I've been reading Brandy's blog, The Prudent Homemaker, and am inspired by all the frugal things she and her readers do (be sure to read the comments!).

So, after all my items were rung up the total was $266.25. I handed over my reward card and a $1 coupon I had, bringing my total down to $190.36. I saved $75.89 and now have 85 cents off per gallon in fuel perks which I will use later to fill up my car. 

Gas is averaging about $3.09/gallon here in town so that 85 cents off/gallon will bring it down to $2.24/gallon. It hasn't been that cheap in a loooong time.

Every little bit helps!

P.S. Be sure to check out Brandy's website too for encouragement and to read her story!


jill said...

Wow! Even $3.09 per gallon is amazing. We are still paying $3.50 here in CA. Great savings on the groceries too!

blessings, jill
visiting from Rhonda's

Precious said...

Menu looks delicious. We are paying $ 3.57 a gallon here.

Rhonda said...

I like Brandy's blog too.
Your menu sounds good-

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Happy New Year! I wish our gas could get that low. Our best deal is .20 off of about 3.59. Happy New Year. Are you joining the frugal challenge with Frugal Makes Cents?