Thursday, December 06, 2012

Watching My Pennies

I have been really striving to save money and not let things go to waste. Here are ways I saved the past few days:

~ Made hubby a grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches using leftover bacon.

~ Saved bacon grease for future flavoring while cooking.

~ Fill  pitcher with water while waiting for tap to get hot. Pour in dogs' water bowl.

~ Spent $37 on a year's membership to the zoo for 4. Saved 50%!

~ Stayed home all week, so no spending or excess fuel usage.

~ Planned my shopping list before going out for groceries.

~ Received a $30 gift certificate to a local restaurant. Will use that for a date night with hubby in the near future.

~ I've been leaving the air off during the day (temps are in the 70s) and only turn it on at night while we sleep. I am in early menopause and have night sweats from the hysterectomy I had last December.

~ Put $10 into Christmas Club acct. for next year.

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