Thursday, December 06, 2012

Watching My Pennies

I have been really striving to save money and not let things go to waste. Here are ways I saved the past few days:

~ Made hubby a grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches using leftover bacon.

~ Saved bacon grease for future flavoring while cooking.

~ Fill  pitcher with water while waiting for tap to get hot. Pour in dogs' water bowl.

~ Spent $37 on a year's membership to the zoo for 4. Saved 50%!

~ Stayed home all week, so no spending or excess fuel usage.

~ Planned my shopping list before going out for groceries.

~ Received a $30 gift certificate to a local restaurant. Will use that for a date night with hubby in the near future.

~ I've been leaving the air off during the day (temps are in the 70s) and only turn it on at night while we sleep. I am in early menopause and have night sweats from the hysterectomy I had last December.

~ Put $10 into Christmas Club acct. for next year.


Mrs. B said...

Good job! :)

Rosebud said...

Your doing so well, much better than I am right now! I always have a hard time around the holidays sticking to a budget.
It has been pretty warm here too. I know all about those night sweats and hot flashes ~ ugh!

Merlesworld said...

Good for you they say, save the pennies and the pounds will grow and if you live for a very long time you will be a millionaire.

budgeteer said...

Great stuff : )

Every little helps doesn't it


Tracy said...

Thank you, Mrs. B! :)

Rosebud - I still have lots of room for improvement. Trying to be more mindful of reducing energy usage and making use of leftovers.

Merle - that is a good saying. I doubt I'll ever be rich but debt-free will be just fine. :)

Budgeteer - yes it really does!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Good job on watching those pennies! I have a bowl in my kitchen sink that I use to collect water when I wash fruit/veggies or when I dump water from boiling eggs or pasta etc. I use that to water my flowers

A Defined Life said...

Tracy, I love this idea of catching the water in a pitcher to either use your give to the dog. What a way to not waste water! Thanks for sharing!

Karla Neese said...

I love seeing other people share how they are actively pursuing a frugal and wise life. It's a struggle for me so seeing even the little things listed inspires me to try harder. I hadn't thought of the filling a pitcher while waiting for hot water! Great idea.

Precious said...

Very nice saving list! I feel for you on the early menopause. I went through that. It is no fun....putting the covers on, then taking them off. UGH!