Monday, December 03, 2012

How I Plan to Save Money in 2013

I have been reading Precious' blog, Frugal Makes Sense, for quite some time and decided to join in on the frugal challenge. We are still diligently working towards debt-freedom, but need to put a savings plan into place. Here are a few ways I plan to reduce expenses in order to do that:

~ No magazine purchases except for All You because of the coupons.

~ Cleaners will be homemade except for Pine-sol and bleach.

~ Meals and treats will be homemade. No fast food. Dining out will only be for special occasions, preferably with coupon or gift card.

~ Detail my car myself. I do a much better job than the automatic car wash anyway!

~ We do our own lawn-care.

~ I will not buy any books unless from the thrift store for $1 and then it has to be one I want to keep. Otherwise I plan to make liberal use of the library for my reading pleasure.

~ Since we no longer have Netflix or Blockbuster, we will rent the occasional new release from Redbox for $1.32.

~ We don't play bingo or buy lottery tickets.

~ Only movies seen at the theater will be the free movies for children shown during summer and we will bring our own treats.

~ Stop throwing away leftovers! We will eat them or freeze for future use.

~ Keep thermostat lower in winter & higher in summer.

~ Conserve water by not letting the tap run. Save the cold water while I'm waiting for the hot water in a pitcher to use to water plants, etc.

~ Have Alfred install a clothesline so I can line-dry clothes outside for free and thus reduce the electricity bill.

~ Check thrift & consignment shops and yard sales for clothing and household needs first before buying new - then I will buy at the lowest price for highest quality I possibly can.

~ Begin container gardening this Spring/Summer for our fresh produce needs.

~ Learn how to do the "drugstore game" properly and most cost-effectively.

~ Stockpile using sales combined with coupons.

~ Call the electric company to find out when off-peak rates are &  be more mindful to use energy then.

~ Remind our children to keep lights, tv, etc. turned off when not in use.

~ Maintain our vehicles with proper maintenance.

~ I only buy perennials for the flower garden and usually from the discount rack at Lowe's.

~ Use it up, wear it out, and make do.

~ Conserve gas by combining errands one day a week and plan those trips so I'm not running back & forth across town.

~ We will not buy on credit. Cash only!

~ Find free or low-cost activities to enjoy with our children. Day trips to the beach in Summer is by far the most favorite. Winter month activities will be more challenging.

~ Track our spending by using a notebook kept in the car for that exact purpose. Don't forget the pen! :)

So those are a few ways I intend to save money in the new year. Please share your favorite money-saving tip in the comments or a way to save that I have not thought of. I look forward to hearing from you!


Rhonda said...

Good list and you know I am in with you.
I went to Walmart for just a few things that we really needed and it was $35. Thinking back to prices to just a couple years ago, this same stuff would of only been $15-20 a few years ago. These rising prices are getting painful and I don't see we have any choice but to watch everything we spend.

FlowerLady said...

Good goals Tracy.

Didi Dalaba said...

Hi Tracy!!
I also adore Precious at Frugal Makes Cents and have been following her for a few years. Her downhome advice is next to none!!

I love, love her advice and keep it true to my heart and most of all "ear"!!

WTG on the goals... I'm with you and will be following along!


Precious said...

These are great things that will keep your spending low. Love the cash. I always say cash is king.