Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Plans

In the warmer months it is easy to keep occupied with yard work and lazy days at the beach, but come Winter I find myself feeling restless and discontent. I realized this would be the perfect time to work on projects and take time for the things I don't normally get to.

Here are my Winter plans:

~ I have several indoor painting projects I would like to tackle:
      * Paint walls and cabinets in kitchen
      * Finish painting hall
      * Paint one wall in our bedroom
      * Redo Master bath

~ Read a few good books starting with Christmas on Ladybug Farm and Vintage Ladybug Farm!

~ Plan my Spring garden

~ Cross-stitch

~ Try new recipes

~ Feed the birds

~ Have a Family Game night

~ Work on a jigsaw puzzle or two

~ Have a Family Movie night

~ Work on crafts

What activities keep you happily occupied during Winter?


Rhonda said...

Hi Tracy, I usually have time to machine sew a quilt or two during winter months.

Sandy said...

Hi Tracy, Your winter list sounds great! My last day of full-time work is this Friday! Yoo hoo! I'm excited, nervous, and a bit scared but looking forward to taking one whole year off to go back to school to finish my bachelor degree and to take care of my health. In between, I hope to blog more and do some projects around the house (like paint some furniture that I found by the side of the road. Love seeing all the changes that you make around your house.