Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Finding My Groove

It's been wonderful having my husband home after a year long deployment! But it has also been a period of adjustment for the both of us. After all, I have been used to doing things my way for a year and he has been use to a more regimented way of life.

With him returning back to work almost two weeks ago, I am finally beginning to find my groove. I am back to doing what I do best - making a home for myself and my family.

This morning I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and have barbecue ribs cooking in the crock pot for dinner. I'll be making homemade baked beans and maybe corn and mashed potatoes for the sides.

If I get my housework done early enough, I'd like to make homemade granola bars and a batch of chocolate chip cookies. With the cooler temperatures it sure does make me want to bake!  

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