Monday, September 10, 2012

Breaking Free

"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants." 
~ Coco Chanel

I took an unexpected break from blogging. During that time I had much to ponder. This week I am turning 38 and I always find that a time of reflection and I decided that it was time for some changes to be made.

See, I have always been the good girl. Never one to make a fuss or cause trouble. Never daring to take a risk. Always sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else have the time of their lives. I cared too much of others' opinions of me.

I've been so busy trying to be what I thought everyone expected me to be that I lost myself and that has made me a boring, predictable woman who was afraid to step out and be herself.

I have given of myself until I have nothing left to give.

So who am I? I am sassy and sarcastic with a quick wit. I am now full figured but all the more beautiful because there is more of me to love. I like mixed drinks with vodka on occasion. I love music, singing, and dancing. I love chocolate, the beach, shopping, and afternoon naps.

I want more adventure, romance, and FUN! I want to get out & do things I never had the courage to do before: tubing down the river, going out dancing, sing karaoke, weekend get-togethers and parties, date nights with my husband. I'm ready to let my inner bad girl live a little! 

Here's to breaking free from the ties that bind....



Karla said...

I'm a few years older than you (41) and I remember finally realizing I was tired of always being the good girl about that same time - 38th birthday. My first item of rebellion? This good-girl got a tattoo!! I thought over it long and hard and put a lot of heart into it. I did it for two reasons - as a sign to myself that I was tired of being afraid of what people thought of me and afraid of pain. I've never been prouder of myself and I've never regretted the decision.

Obviously, I'm not telling you to go get a tattoo. LOL But I am encouraging you to find what we think is the inner bad girl but in reality is just a fun-loving woman who isn't always afraid anymore. Embrace it. I look forward to seeing you get off the sidelines and join me. :)

Tracy said...

Karla, I got a tattoo years ago, but I may just go get another one! ;)

Rosebud said...

Hmmm, must be something about the late thirties early forties.
I've always dealt with that good little girl thing! Sometimes you just got to live a little. I got my first tattoo when I was 42 and another one right after my mom died.
Enjoy yourself Tracy ~ life is too short not to!!