Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beauty Routine

I truly believe you do not have to spend a fortune to put your best face forward. I use mostly products that can be found at the drugstore, Walmart/Target, and dollar stores.

My skin tends to be very dry and I have psoriasis. I use a gentle cleanser morning and night. I exfoliate and then use Vitamin E cream to moisturize. 

As for makeup, for daytime I keep a simple look with foundation to even out my skin, sometimes blush, a quick dusting of loose powder, a neutral eye shadow, mascara on top lashes and lipstick or gloss.

Going out at night, I like to go a bit more dramatic and darker. I use a primer to smooth out imperfections, foundation, blush on cheek bones, loose powder, a neutral shadow from lashes to brow bone and a darker shadow in the crease, brow pencil to fill in sparse areas of my brows, eyeliner on top & bottom of eyes, mascara on top & bottom, line & fill in lips with clear lip liner, a cranberry lipstick and a dab of gloss in the center of my lips.

I do not was my hair every day because it strips the essential oils that keep hair healthy (unless I am having a very bad hair day!). I like Garnier Nutrisse Length & Strength Shampoo and conditioner. I blow dry my hair after using a little mousse to shape it, then I'll add a little texturizing putty and finish off with hairspray to set it.

I'm highly considering adding blond highlights if I don't go full blonde. Still debating on this one..

{Me as a blonde...}

Always (always!) I spritz on perfume or a fragrant body spray. 

I do not paint my fingernails, but toenails are a must! Sometimes I use bright playful colors and at other times I'll wear dark, vampy ones.

Since Autumn is coming, I'll start using a self-tanner. A nice tan just looks better in my opinion. Neutrogena and Jergens are good brands. 

Shaving is generally an every other day routine. Use a good razor to avoid razor burn. I like Aveeno shaving cream as it seems to make the hair grow in finer. 

Brows are plucked on an as needed basis. 

So that's my beauty routine in a not so little nut-shell!

What beauty routines do you have?


Rosebud said...

Hi Tracy!
Nice post. I always like reading what other girls routines are ~
Mine is pretty simple. I use Dove soap (the unscented one) and Philosphy moisturizer. That one is my big indulgence. I was using our homemade soap for awhile but I didn't really care for it for my face. Makeup for me is the occasional pressed powder and maybe mascara. I've never been good with foundation, even tried the mineral stuff, but just don't like it. One thing I don't do, but know I should is use sunscreen. I've yet to find one (especially in a moisturizer) that I can stand. I do love lipsticks, Clinique and Estee Lauder which I usually buy one new one once a year. And perfume! Love it ~ I use Beautiful and don't go a day without it.
My daughter and I both use super cheapo razors, cause' we don't like the kind with the moisturizer thingy on them.
Hmmm...what else. I've been using Garnier Fall Fight shampoo ~ supposed to help with split ends and breakage. I haven't had a haircut in a year and a half. I'm letting it grow as far as it will. I figure at my age how many more years do I have to let my hair grow long? I think about adding highlights but it's coming in so gray now that I don't want to bother. It sorta blends in with the rest of my hair anyway.
I think for me the biggest thing that makes a difference is what I eat. I try to stick with lots of veggies and fruit and very little meat. Also tons of water and walking most days. Helps me feel better, and like you say, when you feel better you look better!
Hope I didn't bore you with my long comment!

P.S. I think you'd look great with highlights!

Rhonda said...

Hi Tracy
happy birthday!

You always look nice and I really liked your blond do.

I started a new blog

Karla said...

Like Rosebud, I'm also a bit of a voyeur when it comes to other women's routines, what they carry in their bags, have in their closets, etc. Just nosey that way, I guess.

First I LOVE you as a blonde. That's about the color of my hair, naturally. I sometimes put highlights in and I've gone darker a few times, but for the most part I stay my natural color.

As far as my routine, I use Mario Badescu enzyme cleanser (a higher end but with a drug store price). That's a recent switch and I'm loving how gentle it is on my skin. I struggled for years with oily skin and I have HUGE pores so I'm thankful my skin is finally settling into a new normal. I follow up with whatever moisturizer I have at the time. Right now I'm finishing up a sample tube of Clinique moisturizer and I love it. I also use Oil of Olay and Garnier Fructis from time to time. Makeup depends on my mood. I have recently (finally)found a nice mineral makeup that doesn't make my skin itchy and my pores even bigger than they are. I got it at Whole Foods and it was a bit more than I like to pay so not sure if I'll stick with it. Typically I use a foundation, concealer under eyes and on red areas around nose, powder, blush, sometimes eyeshadow, always eyeliner and mascara and usually one of the Revlon Balm Stain lip products.
My brows are very sparse so I keep up with the obvious areas but then once every few months I get them waxed at a salon to put them back in shape.

Hair depends on if I take a shower at night or in the morning. I am currently using Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo/Conditioner and Styling Creme. Some days I blow dry, some days I air dry. I have the blessing of being able to wear my hair curly or straight.

That's my routine. I know there is more I could add, but I'm realizing just how much a woman has to do to look and feel pretty and it's making me tired. LOL

Sandy said...

Hi Tracy!

Wow! It's been awhile since I've visited. You looked great as a blond, but you look amazing where you at in your life now! Love hearing about your inner transformation as well as the remodeling and transformation of every room in your house.

Love your new pup too! I love the idea of letting your inner "bad girl" out.. Your blog is looking really nice and I Iove the things you write about.

cyber hugs to you!!

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun! I've been going through a transformation myself. I haven't blogged since July 4th. I miss you and some of my other favorite bloggers.