Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Woman's Work

There is always work to be done inside and outside the house. A woman's work really is never done! I've been enjoying most of the week being outdoors taking care of needed chores I have neglected during the hot summer months.

 I picked up a few baking supplies - cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate chips, oatmeal, golden raisins. I want to make granola and Mama's oatmeal cookies. I avoid baking like the plague during Summer, but am now getting the itch to dive back into baking as Autumn approaches.

I want to stock up on candles with Autumn scents like Spiced Pumpkin, Apple Cider, Autumn Leaves, and Banana Nut Bread from Yankee Candle Co. I have plenty of cross-stitch projects to keep me occupied on the craft front. 

While I am not fond of cold weather I do enjoy being cozily occupied at home. Stitching, reading or watching movies while snuggled up under a fleece blanket while sipping hot cocoa with marshmallows is a treat indeed! 

For now, though, it is still warm and there is work to be done...


Karla said...

I love Autumn! It's been our favorite season forever, and oh so romantic. I have staretd using my crockpot a lot even just this week as the temps have been slightly cooler. Lunchtimes have been spent at parks and outdoors under shade trees - the hour away from my work desk made even more precious by the weather I'm enjoying.

Looking forward to seeing how you enjoy this fabulous fall season!

janice15 said...

I was just saying that today on the phone speaking to my oldest daughter. It just never goes away. You can clean until the cows come home...between the dusting wiping down the garden and more...I just bought some chocolate chips day before..It's seems as if it's the time for baking for sure...and I just bought some orange scented candles for the dinning room they smell wonderful...It all sounds good to me..I love Autumn it's my favorite season..Enjoy your evening...with love janice

Rhonda said...

yes, women's work is never done, is it? at least not for homemakers like us who always have a project in mind.

it is has finally cooled off a little here too, I baked a Pinterest recipe, frosted sugar cookie bars today and mixed up the dough for Knotts Berry Farm cookies, will bake them later.

hope you have a nice evening

Terri said...

Two things: Samuel was making Swedish meatballs today for their dinner while we had spaghetti for ours. Slow simmering dishes in honor of our new season, because we avoid those things here in summer as well.

Dollar General has a really nice little votive candle that is Maple something. We get the tealights each year and they are really nice for a dollar store item.