Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Very Bad Hair Day

I have been growing my hair out from a pixie cut for close to a year now. This is what it looked like: 

I was in desperate need of "something"....a little oomph, if you will, to take it from looking like a football helmet to cute and stylish. This is what I wanted done:

However, this is what I ended up with:

It looks nothing like the picture! Originally the sides were long, but with the back so short it looked stupid so I went back & had her cut the sides off. Now I am back to square one.

Now I am highly considering leaving my hair short & buying a wig for the times I want long hair....


Sandcastle Momma said...

I think wigs are such a good idea! Can you imagine being able to have long or short, straight or curly and any color hair you wanted? My mother says they went out of style because they were shockingly hot and uncomfortable. Too bad they can't fix that - I'd love to see wigs come back into fashion!

Mrs R. said...

Your haircut is so cute! I'm sorry the stylist didn't cut it as you wished.

I'm trying to grow my haircut out. It was very short in March. It is almost all chin length now (the layers are taking forever to grow out).


I say get a new hairdresser. They scare me to death; I go once or twice a year for a trim and that`s enough for me, lol!


Tammy {aka Nanny} said...

I got scalped the other day...even shorter than you...think Jamie Lee Curtis...snort!!

Too hot for wigs!

Hope you have a happy day!♥

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Tracy,

Thank goodness that hair grows! :) I've just been trying to catch up on all my blog pals' blogs, and I've missing out on lots of fun stuff in your life! Your new puppy is adorable; what a sweet face!

I hope that you're staying cool this week, and that you get plenty of rain in your area.



Anonymous said...

I once took a picture of Suzanne Somers into the hairdresser and left with (I kid you not) Mrs. Brady hair. Seriously. A mullet. I cried for two days and had to wear barrets (to make it look like my hair was long all over when really the sides were soooo short) for months. I am so, so sorry. There is nothing worse than a bad hairdresser.