Monday, July 30, 2012

Rainy Afternoons

Afternoon thunderstorms are rolling in as I write. This kind of weather is perfect for resting, which I am more than tempted to partake in.

The past six weeks have been especially busy. My husband came home and once I was used to him being here, he had to leave again. So my sleep schedule has been thrown off track. I slept so good when he was home!

Now with having work done on the house, I have not been able to nap and the lack of sleep is catching up with me. I often fall asleep sitting up on the couch or in church (Lord forgive me!). It seems once I get still, I'm out like a light. 

Rainy afternoons are for naps. And that's a good thing...


Suzy said...

Rainy, cloudy, dreary days are perfect for a nap! I hope you're able to get back to sleeping well though.

Mrs R. said...

Tracy, I can relate to not sleeping well when a husband is away. I pray that God will grant you a deep and peaceful sleep even if it is a short one. {{HUGS}}