Friday, July 27, 2012

Home Improvements

This week has been crazy and tiring as we're in the midst of remodeling.  We have had new tile installed in the master bath,  kitchen and pantry/laundry room. Plus new carpet in the sunroom, dining room/office, and master bedroom.


We chose Smart Strand carpet in Summer Sky. This carpet is to only be cleaned with hot water or bleach (yes, really!).

Dining Room Before:


There are more pictures to come. We still have granite counters and a backsplash to be installed in the kitchen. :)

Thank you for visiting!


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Wow at least the carpet will be sanitized when you clean it. Looks good. Nothing like new carpet under the bare feet

FlowerLady said...

You've been busy and it looks nice. I look forward to seeing more pictures.


ociana said...

Pretty. Have you ever considered painting your dining room table?

ociana said...

It looks very nice.

Have you ever considered painting your dining room table?

Rhonda said...

We need new floor coverings in the 4 bedrooms. Is this carpet of yours supposed to do well with pets?

Tracy said...

Rhonda, the manufacturer tested this carpet by having a black rhino at a zoo live on it for 2 weeks. It cleaned up beautifully! Look it up on Youtube:

Mrs R. said...

Such a beautiful blue color for your carpets. So pretty!

Have a lovely weekend!

Ruth said...

I love your new carpet-it's a beautiful color. I noticed lots of little homey update touches you had done for the after pictures like on the dining room tale and some of the pictures, etc. Everything looks really nice! I know you're excited.

Tracy said...

Ruth, yes I have been working on lots of home improvements while my husband is deployed, especially painting walls and adding art work as I find it. :)