Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Twenty days and projects

It has been a busy few weeks but now it is time for me to settle down and tend to the business of homemaking.

There is so much I want to have done for my husband's homecoming in 20 days. Yes, I said 20 days! I am so excited!

We have not seen each other face-to-face since the end of November when he was on pass for Thanksgiving.

Here is my list of projects I want to accomplish before he comes home:

*Finish painting hall
*Paint 2 walls in my bedroom
*Declutter & reorganize my closets
*Finish mulching flower bed
*Trim bushes
*Kill weeds on driveway
*Paint front door
*Weed eat
*Deep clean each room until it sparkles
*Wash & detail car

I's quite a list, but I tend to work very well under pressure. Plus knowing my husband will be home very soon gives me the extra motivation I need and it will help make the time pass by quicker.

Are you working on any projects at the moment?


Rosebud said...

Hi Tracy,
I bet you can't wait til' your husband comes home!
My plans or projects are just working on the garden and re~painting our master bath. The end of the month the husband and I are taking a trip. Looking forward to that!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Yeah 20 days!!!

FlowerLady said...

Hurray for all of you, twenty days until you are together again. I'm sure the days will go by pretty fast with that list of 'to do' things.

Enjoy each day.


Sandy said...

Hi Tracy,

I bet by now you have whittled most of your projects down. I haven't stopped by in ahwile so I have some catching up to do. Love the stories about Grandma Lorraine and Sandra Lee's experiences living with her. Boy, those were the days! So many moms work full time now so they don't have time to bake and keep house like they used too. It's funny how you can manage to live on less and learn to be frugal.

It's a wonder you can get any sleep at night because you must be so excited that your hubby is coming home. Now I'm going to read a few more of posts and catch up to what's been happening in your world.