Monday, June 04, 2012


Yesterday my friend Paula came over and we hit the outlet mall. That was a disappointing experience to say the least! The clothes were horrible and did you know that the 80s fluorescents are now back in style? Um, no thank you!

We ended up going to Walmart of all places (my favorite thrifting haunts were closed), where I found this cute top and accessories.

Jeans - already had but they were from Walmart
Wide stretch belt - $8.00 
Top - $10.48

Cute wedges - $23

Sparkly bracelet - $8.88

Necklace and earring set - $7.88

Who says you have to dress in designer duds to be fabulous?


Emily Fay said...

You found some cute things! You look great!

Suzy said...

You're so right, Tracy. I've found lots great clothing items at Walmart over the last few years. Your new top and accessories are so pretty and look great on you!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Love those shoes.

Sandy said...

The shoes rock! You look great in your thrifty duds! Love your hair color too!