Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Meanderings

It is a lazy sort of day for me. I worked hard this weekend painting. All of the office is done (except for just behind my desk) and I've started on the hall. 

Paint is an inexpensive way to instantly transform a room. Though it is not my favorite thing to do, I try to make it enjoyable by listening to my favorite music and taking my time. I take breaks, too.

Bored with my library books, I finally turned to one of my favorite authors, Grace Livingston Hill. I began to read "Found Treasure".

 Effie Martin overhears her older sister's friends saying Effie was nothing but a big, rough tomboy and they didn't want to include her on an outing with football hero, Lawrence Earle, because of it. Effie makes up her mind to "show them" and begins an amazing transformation - not only in her appearance but in her heart, too.

This evening, my "little" brother, Matt graduates high school. I am looking forward to seeing him walk and accept his diploma! We are so proud of you, Matt!!

My husband went to an orthopedic surgeon today. He tore the cartilage in his right hip and may need surgery but that won't be until he's home for good. In the meantime, he starts physical therapy Thursday. We are both praying surgery will not be necessary...

Well that is about all that is going on in my neck of the woods.

Until next time,


Emily Fay said...

Praying he won't need surgery! Enjoy your quiet moments! Have a lovely week ~

Rosebud said...

Hi Tracy,
My boys are painting our powder room this week ~ a very pretty blue. I agree, a fresh coat of paint can improve a room without spending much money.
Hope your husband is doing better:)
Congratulations to your brother!