Wednesday, May 23, 2012


{My best friend, Paula, and I getting ready for church.}

Tonight I read a friend's newsletter about her shock when she had realized she had given up on dreaming. It caused me to stop and look at my own life.

What dreams have I given up on? There are two that stick out in my mind.

When I was a child I had dreams of glamour and fame. I wanted to be a singer. I used to sing in church as a child. The first time I sang it was with my best friend who was a few years older than I. We lived across the street from each other. We sang Amazing Grace in front of our large congregation. Afterwards my Sunday school teacher told me I sounded like Barbara Mandrell. My, how that made my day because Barbara was very popular at that time! As I grew older, I gave up on that dream...

{My sister (left) and I. I was blonde in my younger years.}

I've always loved books and reading, but in 1999 I came across Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach and I fell in love with the written word. That book then made me long to be a published author. Oh, I played around with writing fiction, but that wasn't my style. I would have preferred to write non-fiction, but I could never choose a subject. After all I was just a wife, mother & homemaker. I'm not an expert in anything. Other than my blog, I gave up hopes of ever being a published author...

Like my friend, I guess I gave up on dreams a long time ago. Now I am on the verge of turning 38 and I haven't a clue as to what dream would be suitable to who I am now. It seems I have a bit of detetctive work to do.

Nancy Drew, where are you?


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

You know wait until your 40's. I am having the best fun in life right now and daring to do things I never would have before. You looked so cute as a blonde.

Rosebud said...

Dear Tracy,
When I was little I wanted to be a "movie star!" I think many little girls want to be famous!
When I joined the military I had dreams of becoming an oficer...but then I met my husband, and well, everything changed.
Now that I'm 50, I don't think much about what I should be or do ~ I'm just excited about whatever the future holds. I'm always dreaming ~ though it's just not about grand things, just simple day to day things and how I can be a better person and improve myself. Does that make sense?
I agree with Elaine, you did look cute blonde, but I like your hair now too!

Debra said...

I realized awhile ago that some of my dreams as a child/teenager/young woman were, well, born out of who I was back then, a very changeable person, and have not stood the test of time.

But lately I feel as though all of my real, God-breathed dreams have come true--and I'm so grateful. But now? Now I'm asking God to give me new dreams to fulfill and so far, most of those dreams involve helping other people... and that has me excited.

So keep dreaming according to the woman you've become and who knows what amazing things are ahead for you?!! Blessings, Debra

Emily Fay said...

It's interesting how our dreams change through the seasons of our lives. But, I also don't think we are ever too old to pursue our dreams! :) Have a blessed week ~