Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Living Well

I have been pondering the idea of living well. What does it mean and is it possible to live well in this day and age? I believe so.
Living - active or thriving; vigorous; strong
Well - in a good or satisfactory manner

For me, living well means to have a comfortable home, suitable clothing, a car that gets me where I need to go safely, good food, a few hobbies to enjoy, satisfying work, and time spent with family and friends.

I don't need a large home, designer clothes, or meals suitable for a king. I don't need to be seen at expensive, trendy places to have fun, nor do I need to put on airs about my position in life.

I am quite happy bringing order, peace, and beauty to our humble home. I love working on DIY projects, making meals and snacks that my family raves over using the most basic ingredients, and being here for my family. This is my satisfying work.

Writing/blogging, reading, singing, good movies, and stitching are hobbies I enjoy. I pick up books at thrift shops and the library. It is rare now that I buy new books. I have enough cross-stitch and embroidery projects to last quite some time. To sing, I simply need to turn on the radio, playlists on the computer or pop in a CD I have. I watch movies on tv and have a monthly subscription with Blockbuster.

Being a homekeeper I do not have or need a large wardrobe, but the clothes I do have are suitable to the occasion, in colors that look best on me, and are the proper size. I shop mostly at thrift shops as I hate paying retail prices. However I do not skimp on comfortable shoes and proper foundation garments.

I do have a newer vehicle that I make sure is well-maintained (regular oil changes and other auto maintenance, including tires) to ensure it runs properly and for as long as possible. I plan to drive that baby until the wheels fall off!

Everyone needs a little leisure from time to time. I walk with a dear friend from church at the park while the girls play. We go to the beach, free community events, and have started geocaching. We also enjoy getting together with friends and family to visit.

I believe we live quite well despite our country's recession. It all comes down to the matter of priorities, determining what we truly need to be happy, and being content with what we do have.

From my pondering heart to yours,


Rhonda said...

love this post Tracy, and I feel 100% the same.

Susan in SC said...

Amen Sister!! This is how I feel too!

Ruth said...

Tracy, loved this post...so true for me too.