Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring, Dear Reader!

We have had the loveliest weather and I've been taking full advantage by working in the yard. My current project is beautifying one of the front flower beds (the one I pulled the bushes up from).

 Yesterday I bought a yellow rose bush ($7) in memory of my grandma who we southern grandchildren called Mom. Yellow roses were her favorite. I also bought four red geranium plants on clearance for $2.50 each and four bags of mulch ($1.96 each).

I am laying newspaper down first and wetting it, then down goes the fabric weed blocker, and finally the mulch. I detest pulling weeds so I am hoping this helps keep that to a minimum!

We are expecting rain the nexty four days, but I'm hoping to have that flower bed done by Saturday. I'll be sure to post pictures!

From my Spring lovin' heart to yours,


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy!
Good deals on the flowers. I've noticed yellow roses grow really well for us ~ don't know why. I always seem to have trouble with black spot with my others. Of course I'm not the best gardener!
Look forward to seeing photos ~ hoping this crazy storm doesn't linger. It's terribly windy here today!

Sandy said...

Hi Tracy! We have had wonderful weather in my neck of the woods too! How lovely to plant flowers in honor of your grandmother. Roses are beautiful! They are difficult sometimes due to black spot. I have a formula that I start using in the beginning of spring and then every 3 months to prevent black spot. Don't like spraying chemicals on them. I try my best to water them from the bottom and not get water directly on their leaves because it leads to black spot. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.