Monday, March 12, 2012

Homemaking Inspiration

I was in need of a little homemaking inspiration only to find that Laine's Letters had disappeared! But with a little online sleuthing, I managed to find some of her writings archived HERE, thanks to Way Back Machine.
Another great site filled with inspiration is Happy Housewifery .
And my friend, Terri, writes a lovely blog (Blue House Journal) about her life as a homemaker, her thrifty doings, projects she is working on and more.
An Aspiring Homemaker is another favorite of mine! Mia is the oldest of three children. Her family moved out into the country and live an old-fashioned life. I just love their charming cottage and gardens!
When I need a little pick-me-up, these are the first places I go for inspiration. May you find them as lovely as I do!

From my inspired heart to yours,


Carol said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely places to visit. So glad I found yours as I'm enjoying reading and bookmarked you so I can come again.

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing these! I'm looking forward to checking them out :)

Suzanne said...

Thank you for this post. I googled homemaking inspiration and it brought me here. Love the picture of the woman in the yellow apron, and the letters site from the archives. Now off to be diligent in making a peaceful, happy home for my husband and son.

Lyric said...

Looking up Mia's blog I stumbled upon yours . . . thank goodness. As you probably know Mia has abandoned her blog for good reasons no doubt.

As an "aspiring GOOD homemaker" I enjoy reading blogs of that calibre and look forward to perusing yours.

We are building a small family farm on hardly any money. It's a dream of the husband and I am there to support that dream often in the face of ridicule some malicious others from well meaning friends. Yet, on I persevere.

We moved to the country, there are not many jobs here and as one with a master's degree often I struggle with "am I doing the best I can?" Most days I think not, then I think of all the other "stuff" involved and calm down.

Anywho, I blog. I invite you to stop by, set a spell, offer constructive criticism should you desire, simply enjoy your visit and please let me know that you did stop by via a comment or two.

Looking forward to getting to know your blog. Thank you for being a force on the WWW.



Lyric said...

Glad to have found you on the WWW. I too was a reader of Mia's blog and then, of course, she vamped, on to better things. She was my muse, blogwise.

Excited to be here and look forward to reading your content as initially it appears you have some of the same life goals as me and my family as we build a small family farm with practically no tender notes.