Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I Love Being a Homemaker

Being a homemaker makes me happiest. I've tried working outside the home and having a home business. The problem with both is that they left little time for me to care for the important things in life - my family and home.

I love being a homemaker because:

~ I can structure my days as I see fit. If I am feeling poorly, I can rest and can wait to tackle harder tasks when I'm feeling more energetic.

~ I am always learning something new. New ways to be economical, trying new recipes, how to garden efficiently, when to cut back roses, DIY projects to enhance the beauty of our home, etc.

~ I can save more money by simply being home. I can find new, inexpensive recipes that are healthier, tasty and filling. I can bake treats for my kids rather buy store-bought. I can monitor electricity and water usage. I have time to look for the best prices on food, home goods, and clothing needs.

~ I have time to do things that bring me joy: reading good books, joyful puttering around our home, finding thrifting treasures to use in our home, doing things with my children, and spending time in nature.

~ I am available to meet the needs of my family whenever they need me.

~ I set the atmosphere in our home. When Mama is happy, peaceful and content, the family feels secure and happy.

These are just a few reasons why I love being a homemaker. I am not bored by being home. There is always plenty to do! The work is challenging and rewarding and I am ever so thankful for a husband who is supportive of my role as home-keeper!

From my happy heart to yours,


Rita said...

I agree with you 100%. It works especially well if your husband agrees that life is better with you at home. Make sure to put a little money aside for your own personal future. I didn't and at 38 I needed to go to college and at 43 I got my first full time job. Had paid very little at that point into social security and had no retirement. Remember you are the member of a team not just the worker bee. As a member and one of the leaders of the team you need to be treated with importance too. And saving for retirement for yourself gives you the security you need to stay at home knowing you will have money if and when you need it. Best of luck. Staying at home with my children were the best years of my life. :)

Debra said...

Amen! Lovely post, Tracy... Blessings, Debra said...

Yes, being a homemaker is a wonderful job that has so much value. I bet your children love it that the home is cared for, they have a great meal and a safe place to be where they are loved. It sounds much better than having a mom that is stressed out because she has worked all day. It's not for everyone though. I work with some women that have children that said they would go crazy being a homemaker and that they feel they are a better mom because they go to work and can fulfill another part of themselves. It's a personal choice that women have to make. I really have empathy for the women who would love to be a homemaker but HAVE to work.

I was laid off from my job a few times over the years and I loved being home but right now, I work and am contributing to my future like your reader Rita mentioned. When my husband was home full time for almost a year (after being forced into early retirement) I loved having him home. It was great coming home from work and having the grocery shopping done, the laundry done, a home cooked meal and a clean house. It was awesome! He felt the same way when I was home for awhile. I think it's difficult when you have to do it all, work, clean, shop etc. Okay, I'm done. This ended up bein a really wordy comment :) Cheers to you Tracy!!! I wish my mom could have stayed home while we were growing up we missed her.