Friday, February 17, 2012

This and that...

~I wish I could say this week has not been busy, but that isn't the case. It doesn't look to slow down any time soon.

~The weather is downright dreary with gray skies. Oh sunshine! Where are you? At least it is a bit warmer. This past weekend was bitterly cold and I am glad that has passed.

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~This week I started hitting the gym. I need to lose a little weight and reshape my body. It is so not easy! I hate cardio, but I love lifting weights. I want muscles!

~I just discovered there are two more books in the Sarah: Plain and Tall series! More Perfect Than the Moon and Grandfather's Dance. I found all but the last book at the library & have checked them out. I will likely buy them all eventually. :)

~ Tomorrow I am taking my girls to our first ever Mardi Gras parade! I hope the rain holds off, but it will be fun.

From my rambling heart to yours,

3 comments: said...

Hi Tracy,

Beautiful garden photo! Good for you, hitting the gym! I started Zumba last week but haven't been back because I have had a bad sinus infection. I need to get going again!

Have fun at the Mardi Gras parade! Hope the weather is good for you. Have a great weekend.


Rhonda said...

I knew the author had other books but never knew about the last 2 sequels, thanks for the info.

Terri said...

Oh wow seriously they are books? I could so read the books (and hopefully not picture Christopher Walken in the male character's role). I shall have to look for this of course.