Friday, February 24, 2012

Decorating Dilemma

I made a list of home improvement projects I want to begin tackling. I picked up paint today. A light grey for the living room and white for the kitchen, dining room, and office.

But, I am having trouble deciding what color to paint my porch. As seen in the picture above, it is currently a maroonish. I'm just not happy with it. I was kinda leaning towards a barn red, but am not sure.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

From my DIY heart to yours,


The Retro Homemaker said...

Hi! You have a beautiful home! How about painting it white?

Sandcastle Momma said...

I like the idea of barn red but a deep hunter green popped into my head as well.

Lilac Dreams said...

since it is Maroonish now, going barn red would still have it in the same family color, Do you want it to stand out more or blend in somewhat. I think Barn red would be sharp, as would any bold color. Looking forward to see what you decide

Tracy said...

I was thinking of a barn red, but just wasn't sure. I want to add some pizazz to the yard & bring in more color. Thanks for all the suggestions! :) said...


I think whatever you choose will be good. Either white or barn red. I love your covered front porch! I'm getting ready to paint my living room. I wanted to go with a soft gray or white but hubby doesn't want that color so we'll see. I love color, but then I like the light and airy looks of many of the rooms I see on some of the blogs.

Be sure to post some before and after picks together when you're finished with your projects.


Tracy said...

Sandy, I'm painting my living room soft gray.....already have the paint for it. :)