Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter's Lullaby

It's been a napping sort of day. The day has been gray and rainy. The trees with their bare branches sway in the wind and the house is dark.

It is a Winter lullaby.

With no where to go and nothing I must do, I allow myself to succumb to slumber. Obviously I need the rest because sleep comes so easily. I am learning to listen to my body.

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delightfuleclecticabode.com said...

Hi Tracy,

Boy does this resonate with me! In fact, I was supposed to go to a gathering after work today and I told my friend that I was practicing self-care and listening to my body. My body said stay home, take a nice warm lavender epsom salt bath, and rest. Isn't it funny how our mind will sometimes tell us to keep going and our body is saying "halt"