Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Return to Frugality

(Returning Home by Daniel Ridgeway Knight)

I puttered around the house today tackling a few small odd jobs that often get neglected in the rush of daily life. I took my time and enjoyed bringing order and beauty to our home sweet home.

Over the last three weeks, I have had alot of time to examine my life, to ask questions of myself, and to ponder these things in my heart.

I worked for nearly a year part-time outside the home and during that time meals were whatever was quick and easy, my home suffered as I was in too much pain and too tired to do all the things I usually did. And frugality? Well that was done away with almost entirely.

Now, I am in no pain since my surgery and my heart is once again turned homeward. I want to get back to being frugal and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. I want to once again enjoy cooking and baking from scratch, working in my yard, crafting, and be content and peaceful.

I want to continue to learn new things in the art of homemaking. There is so much one can do at home! I am choosing to look at it as a grand adventure, this return to frugality.

Having worked outside the home, I am more thankful than ever to be a homemaker...

From my homemaking heart to yours,  


Rita said...

You are a wise lady. I too have worked outside the home. The last stretch was 21 years including school. I was never so happy as to return to my home. A peaceful place that is slowly becoming the simple, comfortable home I want it to be. I just want the things around me that I love. The rest I need to send on. Right now my emotions and body are healing from being out in the work force. Working in my home helps to heal my thoughts and achy body. I cook at home from scratch, looking forward to making lovely things on my sewing machine. Enjoy yourself we can save so much money being at home. Blessings to you.

Rhonda said...

Love that closing line
Even though I am busy all day, I would rather be frugal at home than have to spend my day at a business with money to spare
best wishes to you said...

Tracy, I'm so with you on this! I love being home, although I thank God each day that I get to go to work so we can continue to pay our bills and put something away for retirement. During the past 2 years our income went down significantly and we have adjusted. In fact, we are thriving. I'm looking forward to more days at home living a simpler life. Now, I love to re-purpose things and visit thrift stores. We are definitely living a more frugal life and have to say that we are actually happier. I love being home to heal my body, mind and soul. My huband used to work too much. The more we made the less time at home and the more we spent. Home truly is our sanctuary! Your post looks calm and healing......