Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rainy Days

art by Susan Rios

We are expecting bad weather today. Thankfully, I've done the grocery shopping this morning and now have everything I need here at home to make meals.

I plan to spend my day making sweet tea and baking brownies for dessert. I will putter and tidy up around the house. I will engage the girls in rainy day occupations such as reading, board games, jigsaw puzzles, crafts, and a movie. Rainy days are good for afternoon naps as well.

Rainy days are not bad days in my book. They are days that offer a change of pace and bring a new sense of coziness to our life here at home.

Without rain, we'd never have rainbows. The sun will shine again, but today, let it rain...

From my rainbow-lovin' heart to yours,


Susan said...

Tracy, so true that rainy days are not bad days. They are great for reading, that might sometimes turn into a nap, or doing a little sewing or handwork.
And I see that you are just down the road from me, I am a little out of R'dale. I have not been very consistent with my blog, but trying to be better this year.
And it is raining here too :)

A Southern Rose said...

Hi Tracy,
We have had lots of bad weather here too in Ms. I saw on the news about the tornado that touched down in Birmingham. That was so terrible.
You sound like me, when we have rainy days, I just wanna stay in and bake and read and spend time with family.

Mrs. A said...

I too love rainy days. It gives me a chance to get cozy with my daughters. I love to sit by a window and watch the rain. I love getting stuck in the house too. :)

Have a blessed week!

Mrs. A

Fiona said...

I love rainy days for all the reasons you mention. I don't have children though and I know cabin fever sets in fast!