Friday, January 06, 2012

My Dog, Zeus

Zeus became a part of our family about a year and a half ago. He is a Cane Corso (an Italian Mastiff) but he is often mistaken for a giant pit bull. Other than chewing during his puppy stage (you should see the doors he ate through!), life with him has been wonderful!

Zeus is very smart and makes us laugh. Although he is about 100 pounds (and still has a year a half to grow!) he thinks he is our Yorkie's size. He wants to sit in our lap always. He has a face that is as soft as velvet and sweet eyes.

He is not an angel. He is always trying to get into the trash. He likes to strew sticks branches through the yard and has a knack for busting in the girls' bedroom when they are in the middle of a dance on Dance Central for Xbox! 

He loves to talk and is sometimes sassy. I swear one time he even said Mama! A few of his favorite things are playing tug of war with his stinky rope and he happily lets the girls wipe him down with pet wipes. He doesn't like baths, lawn mowers, and knocks on the door.

Zeus is a big old "love muffin". He loves to be loved on! He is a very sweet boy to us and those who come to visit. He is even good with little kids...he just doesn't realize how big he is and can sometimes knock them down without meaning to. I have no doubt, though, that he would be a fierce protector if the occasion should ever call for it. 

We love our big boy! We want to get a female companion for Zeus when Alfred comes home and name her Tsunami.

P. S. Should you ever come to visit make sure you wear a sturdy pair of shoes because he will step on your feet and it hurts! :)

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