Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just finished paying the bills for the month. My expenses have been rather low. I am sure not being able to get and about much has helped with that. :)

Before Alfred deployed we had gotten behind on bills. At his civilian job, he is not paid an hourly rate, but book hours which means it goes by the job as to how many hours can be charged (he is a diesel mechanic). With the economy the way it is, work had slowed way down.

I just about have us caught month for sure. That will be a huge relief and then I can start putting money back in savings so we will be better prepared for slow seasons. It is also why I want to stock the freezer and pantry. I see it as a security in hard times.

How do you prepare for lean seasons?

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rosebud said...

Hi Tracy,
So glad to hear you are feeling better after your surgery.
We are behind on some bills at the moment. My husband tends to get a little overzealous over the holidays ~ which is really not a good thing when you are already stretched thin! If it were up to me I would get rid of our credit cards:)
Anyway, right now we are trying to do a bit of stockpiling for our pantry as well as now stocking on diapers. They are so expensive!
I have a savings account which at the moment is in sad condition ~ I hope to improve that this year!