Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I thought I would share a few of my collections with you. None cost much at all, but I love them and they make me smile. That's the most important thing in decorating, isn't it? Love.

I adore these colorful glass bottles! They are small, but the colors are so pretty. They were thrifting treasures. I only paid $1.75 each for them and I hope to find more.

The two dolls on the right are mine, but I inherited the doll in pink because my girls think she is creepy. Poor Dolly! I wrote a post about Polly and Nelly which you can read here.

I love Willow Tree figurines for the beauty and simplicity! The ones I have represent my husband and I and our children.

From my collectin' heart to yours,


Rosewalk Cottage said...

I love your colored glass bottles.

Raising 8 said...

I love the willow tree also but at this time we can not have decorations around here. We are Remodeling. Followed you over from my post on the simple woman's day book. Love getting to read all the ladies blogs from there.