Friday, December 09, 2011

Home Style: Inspiration

I am finding my taste in style and home decor are changing. I am no longer the pink frou-frou girl. I am more drawn to a white, black, gray, and silver palette.

Love the wallpaper and think it would look nice on one wall instead of all four. I am also digging the brocade curtains.

I love the simplicity of this room with its black & white color scheme...

Like the gray and dark wood, but the orange has got to go! A raspberry, blue or lavendar would be nice as an accent color though.

Drawn to the artwork in this one and the area rug.

Love the geometric pattern on this pillow. Matching curtains would be interesting.

Simple, simple, simple.....and the zebra rug ain't too shabby either!

Now the rug I really want is freakin' gorgeous, but pricy! I'll have to save my pennies for this one. You can view it here.

What do you think?

Some may think the colors I have chosen are depressing, but I think they are rather sophisticated and chic. Can't wait to start making the changes around here. That is going to have to wait until after the New Year. Until then, I will dream and plan and hunt for beautiful items for my home.

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