Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Doctor Appointments

I went to the Navy Hospital today for a doctor appointment. I am scheduled to have an ultrasound December 7th and then I'll know more. In the meantime, I have pain medicine to give me a little relief.

Tomorrow I am going back to the hospital to have an eye test done. I can see perfectly fine, except at night if I am driving, which was especially evident last night when I was out after dark. It is rare for me to be out at that time, but I figure I may as well have the eye test while I have the insurance!

Alfred said, "I've been telling you  you needed glasses! But, noooooo. You had to be stubborn."

Raspberries! :)


cindy said...

take care- be safe

rosebud said...

Dear Tracy,
I hope you find some relief from the pain as you await your ultrasound. Keeping you in my prayers.

"Madge" said...

I, too, hope that you can get relief from the pain while you wait for further testing. Also, I hope your eye test goes ok.. I have the most appalling night vision...try not to drive when it's dark, although there are times when it just cannot be avoided!!! :)

blessings from a wildflower said...

Praying you feel well soon..

Susan in SC said...

I hope you feel better soon.