Thursday, September 01, 2011

This and that

Last night Alfred, the girls, and I went to church. I liken it to a homecoming. We have a history with these people and they are like family to us. It had been much too long since we have been to church and I have greatly missed it!

I was thankful to get my grocery shopping done fairly early this morning. We have a tropical disturbance in the Gulf that will give us lots of rain throughout the weekend. I made it there and back before the first bands of rain came. The rain is most appreciated. It's been a hot, dry summer and the earth, as well as my flower beds, could use a long refreshing drink.

As far as grocery shopping went, I feel I did fairly well with having spent only $100.90 for a family of six. No coupons were used, though I have a stack waiting to be cut and organized. Next week I hope to do better.

Hope you all have a Happy Labor Day weekend!


jackie said...

i am glad to read that you are back at home focusing on your #1 job ~ homemaker.

Warigia said...

Good for you for making it to church. Aside from the religious piece, it is a great community and family builder, which is the part I cherish.