Tuesday, September 06, 2011

After the Rain

After many days of rain, the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee have finally moved north and in its wake there is sunshine and cooler temperatures. Oh, it is so beautiful out! We are to have Autumn-like weather all week long! That's a good thing because I have a lot of yard work to catch up, plus there are tons of fallen tree limbs all over that need to be picked up and gathered into a pile for pick up.

Though it is not yet Autumn, I feel the nesting urge. I want to deep clean and fluff our home, work on projects I haven't had time to do, spend time outside in the fresh air and sunshine working and relaxing, and bring back our favorite comfort foods. Food like chicken and dumplings, roast with potatoes, carrots and gravy, oatmeal cookies with golden raisins and chocolate chips just like Mama used to make.

Of course, I'd like to try a few new recipes. It is too easy for me to slip into food ruts. Then cooking becomes a drudgery. No, it's time to expand my food repertoire.

Work is calling so I will close for now. May you have a beautiful day! 


Mommyblogger said...

It's still rainy here but supposed to clear out tomorrow. We will then have Fall temps & sunshine too. I can't wait!!! To celebrate the coming of Fall tomorrow we are having a pot of chili for dinner. I love my comfort foods. Check out pinterest for recipe ideas. I've found some really great ones of there. Hope you enjoy your Fall like week :)

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

We have had a lot of rain lately too. NOT the tropical storms though! Think I will join you and do some extra tasks!