Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Slump

My, it's been terribly hot here. My car read 102 degrees this afternoon when I got off work. If it's this hot now, I dread the month of August when temperatures really soar!

We were super busy at work today and I was so glad when it came time to clock out. I came home and took a nap to try to ward off a massive headache. Once I woke up, I was able to tidy up the house a bit and wait for my man to come home. :)

I know I haven't posted very much lately here on my blog. The truth of the matter is I am finding it hard to glean inspiration. I go to work and then I come home to work some more. Not very inspiring, is it? That is the season I am in at the moment.

I was reading through some of my blog archives the other day and I was struck by how much happier and peaceful I was. I would like to get back to that place again.    


Penelope said...

I'm sorry you've been down. I always enjoy reading your posts. Your writing style is so gentle and sweet, it inspires me :)

I hope you are successful with Mary Kay. I'm not a big makeup buyer, but now that I know you are a seller, when I need to buy cosmetics I'll be sure to come to you first.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Tracy ~ Sorry you are feeling low and had a headache. Hopefully you can find a bit of peace in each and every day and inspiration too.


Kathy in Illinois said...

I wondered where you have been. I'm sorry you have been feeling down. I know the heat doesn't help! Sounds like you're tired. I hope you get back to your sweet happy self soon. You have much to be thankful for.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Debra said...

I'm sorry you've not been feeling as happy as before... I know how that goes! But hang in there and keep asking God to be a part of your every moment and then your moments will get better because He's in them and He is love and joy.

Oh, and as for blogging inspiration, I find that being out and about and amongst people and new experiences always gives me little stories to tell in my blog. I usually let them simmer (like on a back burner) in my head for awhile and then they form themselves into stories and lessons for my blog. Just a thought--lots of those stories write themselves so gotta love that! :) Have a good day today (and always....) ...Debra

Penny Ann said...

I know just how you feel. The heat has been especially draining and it seems the past two or three weeks I've done very little. I can't seem to get my writing to hit the screen, nor the house to really come clean. Any little deviation sends my day reeling like a drunkard.

I lay it all at the feet of the crazy heat. This is August sort of woes for me, not June. I can't imagine working outside the home and then coming home to work inside as well at the moment.

Here's hoping your season will soon be over and you can be home and peaceful once more.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I think it's the heat and humidity. Sucks the life out of us. Too bad we can't have spring and fall all year round.
Feel better!