Friday, May 27, 2011

Life and Leisure

Kenzie and I did the grocery shopping this morning shortly after 7am. I wanted to avoid the crowds this afternoon (and traffic!) with it being the lasty day of public school here, plus the start of Memorial Day weekend! I was able to stock up on a few things and saved a little money with coupons.

Once home, Kenz and I unloaded the car. I put away all of the groceries then had breakfast while surfing the internet. All too soon it was time to leave for work. Work was super busy today for lunch rush and traffic was backed up for miles with everyone trying to get down to the beach!

When I arrived home from work, I changed into my swinsuit and joined the girls in the pool. It's so relaxing to just lay on a float in the sun while listening to the birds singing. I made up my mind right then and there that I am going to enjoy each and every second of my off days!

Yes, I have house and yard work to do, but I plan to mindfully go about my tasks instead of rushing through trying to get everything done in a hurry. I plan to include a bit of leisure time, too. Time in the pool, reading, giving myself a pedicure, watching a movie or two, maybe an outing with the girls to the zoo and naps. Oh yes, there must be naps!

Life need not be all work and drudgery. It is good and healthy to have regular doses of leisure time. All work and no play leads to burn-out and that is never a good thing. Life is too short to not be enjoyed.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


Kathy in Illinois said...

Sounds like a good plan having a bit of leisure time each day! I too have a hard time squeezing leisure time in when I have so much to do, but it keeps us from burning out. I will have a wonderful weekend and hope you do too. Remember those naps!
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Penny Ann said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan to me Tracy. Savor the season! Enjoy it as much as you can. Lemonade, floating in the pool on hot days, eating fresh produce...Enjoy it all. I mean to this year.