Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Work

The last three days have been fabulous as I have been off work. Today is my last day home and then it's back to the daily grind....

Having read 27 things to Feng Shui Your Home Monday night, I was inspired to declutter even more. I culled through my clothes in the closet and dresser. My husband now has more clothes than I do! I got rid of several purses and all of my clothes that either did not fit right, were too small, or I no longer find to my liking.

I also gave the porch columns a fresh coat of white paint and will do the same with the front door today. Soon I hope to get to the house shutters. I love working on my house!!

I found a lovely fabric that I want to use to recover the seats of my two cane-back chairs in the living room, along with make slipcovers for the large throw pillows on my sectional sofa. We have decided upon a lovely blue seafoam color to paint the living room...not to dark or light. A nice compromise I'd say.

Well, it's time for me to close for now. I promised the girls I would take them to the zoo today. It is already hot and humid....ugh!

Hope you have a fabulous day!

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Penelope said...

I love that book! Another great one I'm reading now is Toss Keep Sell! with lots of great decluttering tips.