Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Cozy Cottage

We managed to get the yard work done this weekend and this is the finished result. I can think of a ton of projects that I would like to do in the front yard alone! The columns on the porch need a fresh coat of white paint, as do the shutters. And I still want to finish the flower beds in front. I am thinking hanging ferns would be a nice addition to the porch, too.

A couple of Adirondack chairs would be lovely under the River Birch, don't you agree?

The roses in the backyard are full of abundant blooms! We (Alfred) finally got the pond cleaned out, but it was getting dark when finished so I couldn't take a decent pic. There are a zillion projects to do in the backyard! But bit by bit we'll get it done. :)

Hope your weekend was wonderful!


TJ said...

It looks lovely! We've been working at our place, too!

Kathy in Illinois said...

You have a lovely home, Tracy, and I'm sure you will make it even more lovely with all the plans you have!
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Rhonda said...

my hubby was just looking over my shoulder and he thinks your house is pretty and he was almost drooling at your big yard.

I just read your grocery good deals- I am sure your children were happy with all your free things, young ones do like cheese sticks, little debbies and fruit loops. you are a Smart shopping momma.