Friday, April 08, 2011

Beautiful Homes and Gardens

I love this house down the road from me! Whenever I pass by, I always gaze with admiration at the neat and pretty landscaping. 

I hope one day my yard will be just as pretty!


FlowerLady said...

Dear Tracy ~ You have beauty growing right in your own property. Gardening and living our lives, takes time. It is so easy to feel like we are lacking, which keeps us from counting our blessings and seeing what we really do have.

You've lived in your new home a short while, and you are doing things on a shoestring, just as DH and I have done. There are lean years and there are fat years, we just need to realize that both times are from God, and thank Him for everything. We are made stronger through the lean times, and we learn contentment and thankfulness.

I've seen some of the lovely blooms you have growing there and other projects you've done and I'm proud of you. Continue to be yourself, and create love, joy and happiness for you and your family right where you are planted.

Happy Gardening ~ Happy Living,


Kelley said...

Tracy I have a couple of houses that I love driving by because of their neat gardens, etc...
I am sure that your yard probably is already pretty or will be very soon!
Wishing you a blessed weekend!♥

My Vintage Studio said...

The photos you have shared with us has shown beautuful blooms growing and a beautiful home. I agree with 'FlowerLady' 100% in her comment to you.

You are blessed.


Debra said...

Oh that's so nice! Thanks for sharing your neighborhood with us. I think your backyard is amazing already and you are so blessed to have springtime weather so early--we are still waiting! :)

Thanks so much for your kind comments at my blog!

Laurie said...

Dear Tracy,
It's so nice to see you post! I've missed you too ~
Everyone is right ~ you've already done an amazing job with your home and garden in the short time you have lived there!