Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Spring Dreams

(Love this blue & white room.  It's modern and yet pretty without being overly done.)

( This is a pretty room. I love the simplicity of it with its feminine touches.)

With our Spring-like weather I am dreaming of all the home decor and outdoor projects I would love to tackle. I have been looking for ideas and inspiration every where. I love bringing beauty to our home and yard.

I had my hours at work cut back because it was too hard on me physically. I hope to eventually quit working all together so I can focus on my home and family and building my Mary Kay business. Now that is a fun job!

I am looking forward to being home more and having time to do more things. It's been hard keeping up with the homekeeping....a lot harder than I thought it would be and my days off would fly by much too fast.

I need to get ready for work so I will close for now. Hope you have a lovely day!


Laurie said...

Dear Tracy,
So glad to hear from you.
I love the color of the walls in the first room ~ so soothing. And the second room ~ that is just sooo pretty!
I would love to order some Mary Kay from you ~ I could use a little pretty right now!

Rhonda said...

Hi Tracy
both of those rooms are just beautiful, I would love to have either one of them.

Best wishes to you on you Mary Kay business!